FML is an Elite PVP Meme Squad. We focus on doing more with fewer numbers, less game politics, and a lot of fun.


A guild that plays together and is dedicated to the betterment of its members will succeed. Experience, gear, and practicing as a team are some of the keys to our success. The guild has a wealth of knowledge in BDO. We turn fapping edgelords into champions.


FML members are expected to back their mates up in a fight and they will do the same for you. Being selfless in PVP situations is always remembered and the team players are given every opportunity and respect within the guild. Fight for your guild—always.


Poop recruiting practices can lead to a guild full of shitters. We run a guild that is harmonious and works well together. However, when dealing with other guilds we usually kill first and ask questions later. We have a short fuse for bullshit, and cannot wait to PVP.


You need TeamSpeak and Discord. We require 80% attendance for sieges and PVP in general. Real life and all that comes with it is fine, just let leadership know about prolonged absences. People who don’t will find themselves applying to another guild pretty quick.

- Sun Tzu.

Who are we looking for?

Congrats, you've come this far...now give yourself a well-deserved Tuck Job and read the following:
Love PVP? Want to learn from vets and git-gud? Or, you can join a streamer guild.

Too many guilds have been destroyed by drama and poor recruiting. Please know that we don't tolerate any of that crap. This means that if you are excessively whining, begging, fighting with others, flaming on the boards or doing anything that could damage the reputation of the guild we will probably warn you...or we might let you do it forever because we like you. We might even straight up boot the d00d that reported you for being a whiny twat.

Everything is at the discretion of leadership. Most incidents are very different no matter how similar they appear, but we will drop you like a Eurobeat if we've had enough of your shit.

Besides the obvious we are really after people with great personality and know how to handle themselves in a fight being outnumbered or otherwise. We want a well-oiled machine of killers that not just play well but know how to get along with those in the FML community.

Our core is extremely close knit and we are NOT a clique-like group. We WANT you to fit in. No potatoes, no bandwagoners, no leeches, and no mercy to our enemies.

  • Showing up to support guildies in PVP and scheduled raids is a must. Not showing up is accepted only if you give notice.

  • If you sound like a murloc in a bathtub flying through a wind tunnel... you will be warned. Get a fucking job and buy a decent mic.

  • Keeping up with the times is important. Gear and doing research is a never ending quest in an MMO. Don't login on patch day and ask people in TS what changed.

  • There is always room for improvement but our members MUST have a clear understanding of their class and exhibit skill vs. different classes and numbers.


Proof that we have battle-tested nerds keeping FML together...


Guildmaster and Tyrant
Has played every MMO known to man and slaughtered tens of thousands in more virtual worlds than you can imagine. After years of being shackled to the chains of nicehood, he is finally unleashed. Beware the Proto.


The Silent Atlas
Sarlekk the Atlas, son of Titan, born of pure strength and power, destined to lift FML nerds for eternity. This gentle giant holds together our seams of unity with quiet thanks. Warning to all ‘ye whose blades cross his path with reckless abandon, for he may drop our fat asses, and crush the universe in tow.


Dr. Watson
One’s impression is so often molded by the language they use and the manner in which they speak. Words like adenosine triphosphate, atrophy, povvo, blotto, cellular senescence, decomposer, loo, quaint, derivative, and w0t frequently cross the mind maze of PezzR’s abnormal brain function.


Lord of Memes
Quiet and serene would best describe the demeanor of the most deadly MemeLord Ranger known to the world. From the confines of his mother’s basement drenched in a pool of mansweat his masterful memes roast the fuck out of those who dare defy our trollish ways.


The Wicked Bitch of the West
We found her at the bottom of Marni’s Lab feasting off of the corpse of a random Kyoukai shitter. Her skin green and eyes rabid she asked, “U WOT M8?” as she quickly decimated our hunting party in 2 snaps and a shake. It was then that we knew this Witch was destined for dank memes and FML greatness.


“U Wan Sum Fuk Big Boi?”
The master of random discord food pics and elaborate spreadsheets. Only 20% of the guild can understand him, but 100% of the guild loves him. Triss is the maniacal Asian prodigy that helps maintain order amongst a sea of absolute degenerate retards.


The Ultimate Warrior
Hardcore FML through-and-through, Sarevok is the silent deadly type that patiently waits in the background for the right moment to strike. Calm on the inside, but what you see otherwise is the madness of a man that lives to see you cry from his memes.


Aussifer of “SorcTeamSix”
Fearing nothing, Orna can return from the brink of death with ease. Long time member and Queensland native, the only thing more deadly than meeting Orna on the field of battle is having to listen to his shit mic in TS.


Officer & Snow Mexican
Deep in the heart of Canada lived a displaced Arab named Sylvieee. Dropshipped in a crate from the ports of the Middle East with no where to go he came upon the safe shores of FML where he now leads hoards of wizards exploding teams of plebs with glee.


The Comeback King
Master base builder and strategist Aussie-extraordinaire. The mere whisper of his voice makes all men and women cream their panties — if he’ll ever get back online. Soon™ we shall feel the warmth of his man bosom and be whole again.


Border Patrol
The wild Mexican leader of men. Evil has been known to call people fuckers for no apparent reason. He also happens to be an amazing archer that has an innate ability to navigate desert terrain… but only while traveling North.


Oreo Flexer
This is my autism. There are many like it, but this one is mine. My autism is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life. My autism, without me, is useless. Without my autism, I am useless. I must fire my autism true. I must meme better than my enemy who is trying to meme me.



Before you apply to FML:

PVP trial period is required for FML either through duel, arena, or battleground. Every member needs to pull their own weight. We also require you be in TeamSpeak if you're in-game.